Grilling Frozen Steak: How to Go From Freezer to the Best Steak Ever in Record Time

Grilling Frozen Steak

It’s Saturday evening, and you’ve got some unexpected dinner guests coming over for a barbeque. You hurriedly walk to your freezer only to find the steaks frozen and that there is no way you can get the cuts defrosted in time. Worried your get-together will be ruined?

Don’t be!

What if I told you to grill those frozen steaks in its solid-state, and that you will be getting results that might be better than any homemade steak.

You heard that, right! You can cook the solid frozen steak, and end up with a perfectly grilled steak. When I heard about this method, I couldn’t believe it at first, until I’ve made my first steak from a frozen state. It is fantastic, and I am recommending it.

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How to Cook Wagyu Beef – The Best Beef In the World

how to cook wagyu beef

You just spend a lot of cash buying the most expensive steak in the world, and now you are wondering how to cook the Wagyu beef at home. You are not alone; steak enthusiasts often feel incomplete without trying to cook this immaculate piece of beef at home once in their lives.

Learning to cook steak can be overwhelming because you can end up with a bad steak if you select the wrong cut and type of beef or if you leave the meat too long on the grill. Get any of these wrong, and you will need a steak sauce to cover for the failings. But with Wagyu steak, you need not worry about any of this, it is pretty easy to cook and a forgiving one at that.

Before we explore the various cooking methods, let’s briefly discuss what Wagyu beef is, and what makes it unique.

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How to Season a Grill in 6 Easy Steps

how to season a grill

Outdoor grilling is an occasion eagerly awaited when the weather is sunny and warm. It is something that you can enjoy practically year-round in countries closer to the equator.

Grilling delicious food outdoors can bring families and friends closer to each other for a day of fun. For such a special event, of course, you want your grill to be in the best possible condition to impart that unique, smoky flavor for which grilling is famed.

Seasoning the grill is essential, but often ignored in getting ready for the grilling season, yet this step comes FIRST. I’ve outlined this process in a few simple steps, so when it comes the time to grill for a neighbor event, you can be the first to raise your hand and volunteer your services.

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How to Season a Smoker – The Best and the Easiest Instruction

how to season a smoker

Today, we will share a tip to make the barbecue smokier and tastier when you use a smoker at home. Whether you are about to buy a smoker or already have one at home, you will need this instruction if you want to make the best BBQ.

This article will show you how to season a smoker at ease. So what does it mean “season a smoker"? Is it essential or not? How can we season it? The answer is already in the following parts. Stay tuned and keep reading to the end!

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How Long Does Prosciutto Last: What You Need to Know

how long does prosciutto last

Prosciutto is a type of ham usually prepared during special holidays like Christmas. For most people, the celebration is not complete unless a ham is on the menu. In some countries, however, it is a typical breakfast meal. Ham can be cured, smoked, or eaten raw.

However, when eating ham you need to know that prosciutto has a limited shelf-life and it should be eaten before its expiry date, or it will become inedible. Just like many kitchen consumables, the shelf-life of your prosciutto will depend on the particular type you purchase. It is therefore important to know the period your ham will last before going bad.

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How to Make Ring Bologna at Home

how to make ring bologna

Ring bologna can be purchased in grocery stores or your local market. These processed bolognas are widely available. So, is there a need for you to make them yourself?

Well, the answer depends on you. I am not a fan of the commercial bologna, especially when I consider the taste of its homemade variant. The feeling is so authentic and delicious, making it a delicacy I can’t easily deny.

In this article, I will be walking you through steps on how to make simple bologna. If you are searching for the ideal way to make ring bologna at home, pay attention to this guide.

Subsequently, you will be able to modify and adapt the process to meet your cooking preferences. Let’s start now!

But first,

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What Are The Best Meats To Smoke?

best meats to smoke

As a BBQ enthusiast, nothing can be more rewarding than smoking your meat to perfection and having your family and friends raving about how tantalizing it is. When I started my journey into the world of barbecue, one question often asked on many barbecue forums was, “What are the best meats to smoke?

Whether you are looking to enjoy a good backyard BBQ or aspiring to become a pitmaster who wants to perfect his craft, you are at the right place.

This article discusses the best meats to smoke that are easy to cook and guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds. The meats in this article can be cooked on any type of smoker you have.

If you need guidance on the best smoker for your BBQ needs, check my review on the best smokers of 2019.

So, get ready to light up your smoker, dinner is about to be served!

How to Use an Offset Smoker in 4 Simple Steps

how to use an offset smoker

Not long ago, smoking meat was unfamiliar to me. I love making barbecue, but smoking was something I didn’t pay a lot of consideration to. Until I realized that offset smokers take the meat flavor to a whole new level.

You can cook the food and add a unique flavor to your meals using wood pellets. So, after hours of watching YouTube and reading every bit of information available on smoking, I finally learned how.

An offset smoker has been my choice for cooking the meat for a couple of years now, and it is amazing. It eliminates the risk of scorching your expensive chicken or brisket and keeps the heat source away from your meat.

The Best Sausage Stuffer: Bring an Authentic Taste to Your Food

best sausage stuffer

Whether you enjoy grilling or you like to make your meat, the best sausage stuffer is a luxury piece of equipment that can make your life easier. It has been designed to enable you to create your sausages and add mixes to spice up the meat and ensure that you get some great tasting meals when cooking.

However, not all of them are the same, and some of them come with different features that set them apart. We have decided to look at the top options and help you to find the best options for your needs. We have looked at some of the best options and believe us - you can choose these for the job.

Gas vs Electric Smoker – Which One Is the Best?

gas vs electric smoker

Smoked dishes always bring about unique flavors that are somewhat hard to describe. If you are a fan of smoked food or simply need to cook some meals for a barbecue party, then you need a smoker.

When it comes to smokers, we need to talk about gas and electric smokers. These are popular types of smokers, but not everyone understands how to use them and knows which one they should choose.

Gas vs electric smoker? Now, read my comparison, and you will know which one wins.