What makes our food stand out from the barbeque at other restaurants? It’s all in the sauce and the rub. Our sauce and rub are original recipes, and we believe this is the reason for our success. Our barbeque is never precooked; it is cooked throughout the day so that it's always fresh and mouthwatering. And we take our time. Our meat is marinated and slow cooked long enough so that it just pulls off the bone. Have a look at our menu, and we think you’ll agree that Stonewall’s has the very best of what barbeque has to offer!


Mouth Watering Baby Back Pork Ribs

Our succulent baby back ribs have just enough flavoring to excite your taste buds. Marinated and slow cooked, the meat pulls right off the bone. Our ribs are lip-smacking delicious, with or without the sauce.

Tender Smoked Chicken

Fresh and never frozen, our chicken is always moist and tasty.  Like our ribs, our chicken is marinated and slow cooked until it just falls off the bone. Served in quarters, it is guaranteed to satisfy your appetite.

Zesty Smoked Sausage Link

Our all-natural sausage is smoked to perfection. It has a slight spicy kick to it but is not too overpowering. Your mouth will thank you for the wake-up call!

Hearty BBQ Sandwich

For serious appetites, this big ole sandwich is served on a 5” bun.  Piled high with our slow-cooked pork mixed with our rub seasonings and BBQ sauce, this sandwich tastes great hot or cold.

Robert E. Lee

A Southern favorite, the Robert E. Lee is slow-cooked pork topped with our freshly made cole slaw. It is savory and tangy, truly a Southern tradition.

Juicy Sliced Brisket

Tender and juicy, our brisket is sliced just right. What a great flavor!

Flavorful Sausage on a Bun

Our tangy smoked sausage, served on a 5” bun. This sandwich is the perfect complement to our award-winning BBQ sauce.

Lil' Piggy

The Lil’ Piggy is our tender, seasoned chopped pork served on a small split-top roll. It’s great for the kids or for those with a smaller appetite.

Brunswick Stew 

(Available at select locations)
This awesome stew is chock full of chopped pork, barbeque sauce, and fresh vegetables. Highly recommended, but unfortunately, it’s only served at this time in Georgia.

Items can be served individually or in combination plates.  Either way, all plates include a roll and a choice of two side items or a side item and dessert. Menu may vary slightly by location.


At Stonewall’s, we believe our sides are just as important as the “Q.” It's part of the care we take to do things right. All individual and combo plates include a slice of bread and a choice of two side orders or one side item and a dessert.

Cole Slaw

We take fresh cabbage and carrots, chop them to get the right consistency, and add our Stonewalls’ cole slaw mix. Crisp and refreshing!

Baked Beans

We serve our baked beans with our award-winning barbeque sauce for a uniquely tangy flavor that can’t be beat.

Potato Salad

Our creamy potato salad has a little zing to it that makes it the perfect complement to our delicious barbeque.  Try it and see!

Cheesy Potato Casserole

Sort of like a twice-baked potato, our cheesy potato casserole has become a favorite of our customers. It’s a must-try!

Smoked Sweet Potato, Green Beans, and Macaroni & Cheese

At Participating Locations


Famous Iced Tea and Other Drinks

When our zesty barbeque gives you a thirst, quench it with our famous iced tea or one of our many other drinks. At Stonewall’s, refills are always free!

Iced Tea

Our fresh-brewed iced tea has become just as popular as our BBQ! Maybe it’s the way we stir it, but our customers sure do love it. It will remind you of the way your grandma made it. Make sure to include some iced tea with your next meal!

Other Drinks

In addition to our tea, we offer a full array of soft drinks, which vary from location to location.



Bread Pudding

We call this our “happy food” – take a bite and you smile!  Homemade and baked right there in the restaurant, our bread pudding is warm and wonderful.